Disease Detectives Wiki

Field investigation of a disease or health condition.

This is a conceptual order - steps may be done at the same time.

Step 1. Prepare for field work ... more on step 1

Step 2. Establish the existence of an Outbreak. Consider severity, potential for spread, public concern and, availability of resources. ... more on step 2

Step 3. Verify the diagnosis ... more on step 3

Step 4. Define and Identify Case - Case definition and Line Listing. ... more on step 4

Step 5. Describe and orient the data in terms of Time, Place and Person - Descriptive Epidemiology... more on step 5

Step 6. Develop Hypotheses (Agent / Host / Environment Triad) = Chain of Transmission ... more on Step 6

Step 7. Evaluate hypotheses - Analytical studies ** Must have a control group** ... more on Step 7

Step 8. Refine hypotheses and carry out additional studies ... more on Step 8

Step 9. Implement Control and Prevention Measures - as soon as possible! ... more on Step 9

Step 10. Communicate findings ... more on Step 10

Scientific Method as related to Disease Detectives - see comparison

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